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S.23 | March 3 - May 2

  1v1 | Channel: Op UGL        USWEST
  2v2 | Channel: Op UGL        USWEST

RankPlayer                       Record
1 SilenT.koN77-29
2 DefJam56-15
3 Fire.buu108-96
4 LasT_PostMan58-10
5 FakeGosu55-24
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`StaR`> raped u
StayingFat> pubs
`StaR`> :)
StayingFat> i need a part who is not gonna build 20 cannons at his choke by 5 min
StayingFat> xD
StayingFat> r u in china
`StaR`> yo
`StaR`> yo?
StayingFat> his name was mrkrabs
`StaR`> ok
`StaR`> fk him up
StayingFat> :)
`StaR`> :)
`StaR`> ez
`StaR`> white gosu
StayingFat> yea
`StaR`> gosu noob
StayingFat> we were all a gosu noob once xD
StayingFat> now were noob gosus
`StaR`> go
StayingFat> og
`StaR`> its u
`StaR`> u lag
StayingFat> ****
StayingFat> T_T
`StaR`> rj bnet
`StaR`> man
`StaR`> make
StayingFat> ggs!
fromnowhere> ?? no pubs anyoene?