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S.23 | March 3 - May 2

  1v1 | Channel: Op UGL        USWEST
  2v2 | Channel: Op UGL        USWEST

RankPlayer                       Record
1 DefJam65-15
2 SilenT.koN81-29
3 Fire.buu108-96
4 LasT_PostMan58-11
5 FakeGosu55-24
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Rain[VcK]> wanna 2s ijny
Rain[VcK]> inny
Rain[VcK]> with us
Rain[VcK]> got 3
K]o[L-Stalker> sure
Rain[VcK]> cholo
Rain[VcK]> rock here?
RockOn> hyea
Cholo-Alp> y
Cholo-Alp> ya
Cholo-Alp> here
Rain[VcK]> gg//gg
freshmexican> GO RE
freshmexican> ****S
freshmexican> I KILL MAD NOW
freshmexican> AND FIX THAT ****ING LAG
EviL-> s/s
Rain[VcK]> gg//gg
K]o[L-Stalker> ok
Rain[VcK]> ok
Rain[VcK]> wat
Rain[VcK]> wait
Rain[VcK]> sec
freshmexican> s//s
Rain[VcK]> s//s
Rain[VcK]> told my freind
Rain[VcK]> id game
Rain[VcK]> come
Rain[VcK]> s//s
Cholo-Alp> rain