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S.23 | March 3 - May 2

  1v1 | Channel: Op UGL        USWEST
  2v2 | Channel: Op UGL        USWEST

RankPlayer                       Record
1 SilenT.koN77-29
2 DefJam56-15
3 Fire.buu108-96
4 LasT_PostMan58-10
5 FakeGosu55-24
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Regarding the 1.18 patch - bad news - volunteers needed
March 30, 2017, 12:24:57 AM by LivE.SworD
The 1.18 patch brings forth more radical changes than most people are probably expecting. Every launcher/loader, such as Chaos, adv, mca64, wlauncher, will stop working entirely. The UGL antihack will be incompatible as well, as will every hack that has ever been made for SC. Furthermore, the replay format is changing - which will break the entire reporting system, so even uploading .rep files will not work as it does now.

As a temporary solution, I will begin a system where users upload games, and then they are manually reviewed by staff, in a manner as convenient and efficient as possible, in a queue. Every replay will be processed within 24 hours, and then will appear on your profile and be available for downloading as normal. If people volunteer to help with this, replays would probably be processed much faster.

I will also be working on bringing the replay...
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Season update
March 20, 2017, 12:44:24 AM by LivE.SworD
Sorry I haven't had much chance to get on the site in the last two weeks for complains, but I will be more active starting now. The antihack is finished but I want a few days of beta testing by a few users before releasing it to everyone. Some users have already begun using it for their UGL games, send me a PM if you are interested in helping. There are also a few minor issues to sort out, in particular, it causes false positives in some anti-viruses, even though it doesn't do anything that should raise alarm other than inject into StarCraft, in a manner similar to Chaos or mca64 launchers. From a user perspective, the only new functionality is the ability to automatically report wins without minimizing StarCraft, by using the /upload command after returning to a channel from a game. This includes team and observer detection for 1v1s and 2v2s, by analyzing APM and alliance ...
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Season status
March 04, 2017, 12:06:46 AM by LivE.SworD

The season is started and games can be played, but there is a delay with the new antihack due to unexpected circumstances. please upload your .rep files as normal. More information will be provided throughout the weekend
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