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StarCraft: Universal Gaming League

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1 nV.Me65-8
2 XnG)WarreN-43-17
3 Marine]StK-50-20
4 O.o]Alakazam43-34
5 xS.day23-6
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Season 11 End & Season 12 Start
November 04, 2014, 01:54:46 PM by LivE.SworD
Season 11 has ended more dramatically than usual, I'd like to thank xS.Omni and SilenT.koN for playing out the bo7 and concluding the season in an exciting fashion.

Congratulations to all the winners:

In 1v1,

xS.Omni took 1st place with a record of 82-38 and 5510 points.
SilenT.koN took 2nd place with a record of 85-33 and 4595 points.
xS.EviL took 3rd place with a record of 75-25 and 4475 points.

In 2v2,

O.o]Alakazam took 1st place with a record of 28-14 and 1885 points.
O.o]Gengar took 2nd place with a record of 26-10 and 1880 points.
xa.changdawei took 3rd place with a record of 13-6 and 1530 points.

Season 12 will start on Friday, November 7th, 12 AM. $25 has already been donated to the prize pool for season 12, and depending on the activity of the first week, the prize pool may increase.
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Fluent in Korean?
October 31, 2014, 08:58:24 AM by uNi-DreaM
Quote from: LivE.SworD
In light of the recent topics, if anyone knows someone who could help me translate the league to Korean, I would greatly appreciate it, post here or send me a PM.

If you have any feedback please send a PM to the staff.
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Season 11: Finalist Scheduled for Bo7 series!
October 29, 2014, 08:52:48 PM by uNi-DreaM
Season 11 has come to and end. The two finalists xS.Jake and koN have agreed to participate in a "Best Out Of Seven Game" series. The winner of this series will be declared the Official Winner of Season 11.

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